Seafood at its finest, from people at their best.

We do shrimp.
Big time.

What a catch. Our wild shrimp are caught in U.S. waters and, because their diet consists of all natural proteins, the shrimp have a flavor and texture second to none.

And we know how
shrimp should taste.

We’ve partnered with farms and plants in India and Ecuador who produce farm-raised shrimp that is the finest of its kind.

There’s more
on our menu.

We believe that seafood should taste great. That’s why we travel the world in search of the finest seafood known to man. Our “Quest for the Best” has resulted in finfish programs for some of the largest food distributors in the world.

The ocean first.
Business, second.

At Bama, sustainability is not just a box we check or a term we mention because everyone else does. We understand and embrace the delicate balance of the sea’s ecosystem, and do what we can to protect it.

We like to think we’re setting an example, and perhaps setting the bar, when it comes ensuring the livelihood of future generations of fishermen – and being proactive in related economic and social issues.

Doing good on dry land
as well.

At Bama, we take great pride in helping elevate the communities in which we work and live. Dedicating time and resources to make people’s lives better, to support local organizations, to enhance an overall sense of community and belonging - that’s just as valuable as reeling in a big haul.

Here, you don’t have to be
related to be considered family.

We’ve been a family-owned company for over 30 years, a journey that began with shrimp boat Captain John Stephens in 1977. Many of our kids have been raised in the business, and each of our 120 employees are part of the Bama Family. And, the commercial fishermen that deliver our bounty are perhaps the hardest working folks in the family. Their labors are the epitome of an honest day’s work - it’s a daunting job for only the heartiest of soul and spirit. Our bond with these captains and crews is anchored by our shared values of always doing things the right way.